This page describes the design, implementation, and operation of ("the binary cache"), which helps speed up builds for the Nix package manager. This page is intended for users, developers, and interested parties who want to know how it works, how it runs, and what makes it tick.

<aside> ❔ Help: new to Nix, the ecosystem, or just want to understand what this is all about? Looking for inspiration to configure your own CDN? Tap the 🎬 Introduction link below to learn more.


<aside> 👉 Heads up: The new binary cache is in BETA! Try it today by using the ⚗ (NEW) Try the beta cache! link below. Report issues and your performance numbers!


<aside> 🔑 Pro-tip: Want to report an issue with the cache? Try 🖋 Running diagnostics below, or follow the Who to contact link.


Please follow one of the relevant links below in order to learn more. If you don't know what you're looking for, contact @Austin Seipp.

User notes

How to use the cache and report issues


(NEW) Try the beta cache!

Using this notebook

Running diagnostics

Who to contact


Other documents

A musty cellar, filled with misplaced garbage

Old announcement

Status Reports

Fastly Internals

Operator notes

Guru Meditation #00000004


Operator Runbooks

Design Scribbles

Included design notes for intrepid hackers

Overall Architecture

Software stack

"Instant" 404 Purging

Logging pipeline

Server Push


Terraform setup


External links

The world wide web, at your fingertips

📉 NixOS Grafana Dashboard

📊 NixOS Prometheus Dashboard